best seo company for small business
Paid advertising on Facebook is very important for any business to provide links or products to target audiences all over the world. Facebook ads campaigns are more interesting for me because I can freely promote any company or any product perfectly by targeting the audience according to the demand of the product.

My special service:

** The main product line, description, URL, Facebook page, Instagram and appropriate call to action (CTA) will be carefully established.

** In order to run campaigns smoothly, I will resize or create product images and design them on canvas.

** Select the exact details of each keyword by researching background, behavior, interest and perfect age, type of general audience and target audience.

** Pixel configuration by WordPress plugin or using Fixel code on Shopify website, then Retarget marketing (if needed)

** Custom Events will be set as needed.

** You will have huge targeted website visitors and page likes.

More specifically:

## Lowest cost per campaign (CPC) and cost per view (CPV) ## I will give Custom Reports and Screen shot on time
​ ​

Ads campaign Requirement

1. Facebook Page Product Image Product Description Website link. By Attach File.

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best seo company for small business
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best seo company for small business
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best seo company for small business
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